Vacation time is among us. It’s that time of year where most people are raring to travel to warmer places – domestically and internationally. If you’re planning to head to St. Lucia, it can be tricky to plan out your activities while avoiding tourist traps. Below you’ll find the best spots in St. Lucia so you can explore like a local.

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  1. Visit Castries Market.

Suppose you’re ever in doubt of a way to spend time like a local, head to the local market. You’ll find unique offerings from nearby towns and meet people from the area. Not only is this an excellent way to grab a few locally sourced ingredients or atypical souvenirs to bring home, but you’ll also be able to strike up a conversation with a local. In addition, this is a great way to hear about other spots to visit that are off the beaten path.

Expect to find delicious fresh fruits and vegetables here as well as a large number of spices.

  1. Eat at Debbie’s Place.

Searching for a place with authentic St. Lucian food? This is the spot. You’ll find this restaurant in Laborie. Each meal is served with five or six different dishes, and you can expect to find delectable homemade food here. Give it a try while visiting; you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Head to Soufriere.

This destination can be reached either by boat or by car. What is Soufriere, you may ask? It’s a local volcano that boasts sulfur springs. You can drive directly up to the crater to see the sulfur springs. Or, take a boat ride so you can enjoy gorgeous views of the water as you head to the Soufriere Volcano.

  1. Horseback riding at Cas en Bas.

Have you ever wanted to ride a horse on a beautiful beach with the waves lapping at the horse’s feet? Well, now you can.  Grab yourself an excursion and ride through trails and around the island. You’ll finish at the gorgeous Cas en Bas Sea, where you can ride the horse partially into the water. If it’s been particularly warm that day, you may even want to jump into the water and cool off. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit for the last section of this activity. The whole ride will be bareback on the horse – don’t be surprised when you see the horse without a saddle.

  1. Go on a Plantation Tour.

St. Lucia is known for its production of cocoa. Go on a plantation tour so you can learn more about the area and the crops. Depending on the tour you go on, you can even roast cocoa beans and make a chocolate bar with the beans you’ve roasted. This is a really unique and interesting experience that you won’t soon forget.

Don’t be afraid to ask around for other activities and sites locals frequent. This list will help you get started on exploring St. Lucia like a local. See how many other amazing spots you can find – St. Lucia is full of adventure, beauty, and delightful food.

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