I’m finally HOME after 41 days of travel including 8 flights. I went from
UAE to TX. From TX to FL. From FL to AL and back to FL. Then from FL back to TX. Then from TX back to UAE!

During this trip I had a birthday and we celebrated Thanksgiving. I had follow up scans for cancer (still cancer free Yay!) I was helping my Dad who suffers from dementia. My Aunt had a stoke and my Grandfather was in hospice care.

So you can imagine how STRESSFUL this trip was. Inspite of all this I managed to work out 20 times, track my meals and lost 1.6 inches. I didn’t weigh myself so I don’t know if I lost scale weight or just inches.

I’m proud of myself for fighting stress, situations and circumstances to stay on track. If I can do you you can too!


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