I am so grateful to be apart of this amazing group of women! Making new friends around the globe and working together to bring wellness to everyone! Cheers to a wonderful holiday season and 2018!


Location: Denver

What she does: Co-founder of Getting Closer Everyday & Global Director at Spafinder
Workout advice: Push yourself!  Half the battle is mental. Trust yourself.
What she wants you to know: I learned that it’s never too late to make a change, and if you believe, all things are possible! I would like you to know that you can do anything!  I started my journey in August of 2013 and I am 139 pounds lighter.  I have kept the weight off because I continue to keep myself aware and accountable. Of course, I fluctuate up and down a few pesky pounds, but this is real life and we still have to enjoy ourselves from time to time.  The key to it all is balance and commitment.  The way I lost weight was through hard work at the gym, better nutrition, and a unwavering support system. I set 10lb goals that were achievable and not overwhelming…Together we will be getting closer everyday!


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