I started my weight loss journey (again) in January, 2019.  My starting weight was 289 and I knew it would be a long hard road, but I also knew it was now or never.  I knew I wanted to lose a minimum of 100 pounds,(I’ve lost 61 pounds so far!!)  which brought to mind the People magazine feature of people who have had amazing weight loss. 

So I did a little googling and quickly found  Jenna and the  Getting Closer Every Day Facebook support page.  It has been one of the best supports I have ever had in my weight loss journey of 30+ years!!!

I cannot stress this enough.  SUPPORT IS EVERYTHING, and the folks in this support group are understanding of every single thing I go through because they have been there themselves. When I have good days, they applaud me.  When I have days when I struggle, they encourage me.  Friends and family get tired of hearing my weight loss stories, goals, success and plans all the time, lol. 

It seems like it’s all I talk about.  But, it is the most important thing I can do for myself, and the Getting Closer Every Day members are there with me every step.  I love it!  I’ve encouraged other people to join this community too.

The wealth of support and knowledge is outstanding!  I also love seeing the success of other members and applauding them as they make progress and helping them as I can

Thanks Jenna Babcock Leveille for creating such a great place to come for help, support, encouragement and fun!

Barbara Karr

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