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For years, Peloton has been the darling of fitness buffs looking for a quality, stationary at-home bike, complete with streamed cycling classes. But not everyone can afford–or has room for–a $2,000 bike. In addition, Peloton members travel and miss their regular exercises when they are on the road. However, there is now a commercial-grade Peloton bike designed for heavy-duty use at gyms, fitness clubs, spas, hotels, and resorts, with the same features users enjoy at home. Learn how you can take advantage of Peloton’s new options at locations near you.

The Peloton Craze

When Peloton launched its at-home cycling startup in 2012, it tapped into people’s desire for social connection and motivation during their workouts. The bike includes a 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet so users can stream live spin classes into their home. Plus, by using the built-in microphone and video camera, users can chat with each other, like at their spin class. A certified instructor leads classes, and fitness enthusiasts can check to see how they are doing compared to others.

Bike owners pay $39 per month for a subscription to unlimited classes, which many find more affordable than dual memberships at a local gym.

Keeping Track: At Home and Away

In 2017, the company announced it was expanding access to its innovative bike beyond the home and the workout platform would be available in gyms, spas, hotels, etc. According to the online publication Digital Trends, Peloton also announced the platform would be compatible with a Fitbit tracker[1], allowing users to log onto their Fitbit accounts from the bike and have workouts count towards their goals.

“The platform not only records distance ridden and time on the bike, but also calories burned and even the name of the instructor from the Peloton spin class,” said author Kraig Becker.

What’s Next?

TechCrunch reports that the rugged commercial Peloton bike may be just the beginning of the company’s innovations in fitness. Similar models could work for weight machines, rowing machines and treadmills. AsTechCrunch[2] says, “The company is taking a broad view of home fitness equipment, and… actively evaluating what products to build next.”

Just think: you could have your Peloton bike, weight machine, rowing machine and a treadmill right in your living room. Or you could head to your local gym, hit a Peloton and enjoy other classes, equipment and a juice drink while you’re there.

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