When I think of what I’m thankful for this holiday season, I would have to say as crazy as it sounds that it would have to be my struggle with losing my 140lbs and being stuck for so long.

Without that struggle I would never have created our free Getting Closer Everyday Communities. EST. 2015

These communities bring support and kindness to everyone! The story is not about me and my journey. The story is about people for people. The majority of our group is filled with those who want to lose weight. Anywhere from 5lbs to 500lbs The other part is filled with, coaches, athletes, friends, family, and people who figured it out like me and want to share.

We’ve grown to nearly 60K (engaged) followers across our social media platforms.

I receive countless letters of gratitude that fills my heart and keeps me on my path.

So thank you to all of you who have shown me such and support to keep on my path. It’s not always easy, but its definitely worth it!

I am in awe of the friendships and even relationships that have been born on GCE! There is so much love out there to be received!

☆ If you know someone who is struggling share and join our communities! Thank you for being apart of our movement! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙌 With Gratitude Be well.

I WISH Facebook would let me tag all of you. So many more to thank. 😘

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