I’m excited to announce I’m an ambassador for National Fitness Day and today marks 5 months to the next celebration May 5, 2018! I’ll be posting and participating in monthly challenges to count down and want YOU to participate with me.

Take a few minutes today to think about what you have accomplished this year. I challenge you to share 5 of your most memorable accomplishments from 2017 and tag 3 friends to do the same!

1️⃣ Bettering my health each and everyday and staying aware of my mission to share and help others always!
2️⃣ Becoming a 2017/2018 @womenshealthmagAction Hero and participating in @run10feed10 to help feed those in need.
3️⃣ Being an Ambassador of National Fitness day.
4️⃣ Apart of helping others with GCE MD is a line of Nutraceuticals developed and researched in collaboration with one of the fastest growing and most successful nutraceutical companies in the US.
5️⃣ Having a career I love @Spafinder that encompasses everything wellness!

National Fitness Day Ambassadors

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