1. When did your weight become an issue?
A few years ago, I started having back issues, hips, tired all the time, no energy.
2. What were your previous diet attempts?
Lost large chunks of weight twice before.
3. What makes this time different?
 I have grandkids now!! Getting older weight affects how I feel more than when younger.
4. What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight?
 Dr 2019…said I was morbidly obese, discussed weight loss surgery….eye-opener!
5. How much did you lose so far? How long did it take?
 100lbs took 1 year, 5 months, and  4 days.
6. How much do you have to lose now?
 7lbs to go.
7. What kept you motivated when you were down?
Motivation to keep going is how great I feel!
8. What did or do you think hitting a goal will be like?
Gonna be awesome!
9. What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, a temptation, and
10. How has your weight loss affected your relationships?
Friends and family look up to me now.
Kathy added:

I wish I had gotten this mindset the 1st time I lost a large chunk of weight 18 years ago and would have kept it off… But we can’t change the past… Just focusing on how great I feel now and love my healthy lifestyle!! I love the fact that there is no food that I don’t eat…no deprivation…

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