Gardyn believes we must rediscover what food should be about: fresh, tasty, nutritious, easily accessible — and grown sustainably every day. Growing to produce right in my house without taking up a lot of space and harvesting things I love is the best! I love knowing my food is clean and aesthetically beautiful to watch growing in my home. It is genuinely watching living art grow! Each day when we eat store-bought things, like our produce and vegetables, we take unknown risks. There are so many pesticides that are dumped on our crops. Garydn growing systems are a great solution to stop many unknown chemicals and poisons from entering our bodies. Many of these chemicals used in our foods are causing anxiety, cancer, and other terrifying ailments. I feel empowered by being able to take some control and feed my body what it deserves. I’m doing my part to help the environment and the impact I’m leaving for generations. It’s a feel-good purchase for me all around!

At Gardyn, they are making it possible for everyone to enjoy indoor vertical gardens that care for themselves and provide large quantities of delicious and nutritious produce. Large amounts of food grow all year round on a tiny footprint (2 square feet) and are hassle-free! Crazy busy, modern lives can ring with Health, nature, and harmony. The best thing about Gardyn is you don’t need a green thumb! Everyone deserves this type of access to quality food, and Gardyn makes it possible!

Growing produce at home year-round means you always have fresh produce ready to eat. No more buying fresh greens only to have them wilt in the fridge or running to the grocery store when you’re craving a salad. Gardyn allows you to enjoy everything you love and come home to fresh greens waiting for you. Plus, Did you know that eating at harvest is healthier than buying at the grocery store? Get the maximum nutrients out of your greens; it’s easy with Gardyn.

I am looking for ways to make an impact on the environment. Gardyn helps reduce our impact on the planet and provides you with 8-10 pounds of pesticide-free produce per month – all grown indoors and year-round. Gardyn grows 30 plants at once that you choose,  saving 95% more water when compared to traditional gardening. The bonus of having a Gardyn in your home is that it sparks many great conversations and interests. It is a living, eatable piece of art that is healthier for you and the planet and is something we all want for everyone. I love mixing my Gardyn plants with eatable flowers, salad mixes, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and more. It is functional, beautiful, and tastes delicious; I take pride in how easy it is to grow and produce! Don’t forget to check out the micro-greens growing kit too. I love adding micro-greens to my salads, sandwiches, and entrees for those extra vitamins and benefits, but I look like a fancy chef when presenting a meal to my family and friends. I love blowing people away with the way I use my gardyn production.


This is just the beginning of a revolution in providing easy access to healthy food and a more harmonious lifestyle. Gardyn represents an opportunity to reintroduce nature in urban habitats, to make our cities more sustainable and autonomous, to stop damaging the environment, and to rediscover the meaning of fresh, nutritious, and delicious food for all of us every day. Gardyn grows more with less space. All you need is 2-sq ft. and wifi. No green thumb is required. AI grows it all for you. More nutritious and better for the planet. Uses 95% less water. Make it your year to eat healthier produce.  Check out all that Gardyn has to offer below.


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