We are a community of like minded people. We’re peddling a healthier and a happier life for everyone. The magic pills, quick fixes turned out to be a hoax so we’ve built a community that offers accountability through community—confidence through coaching (yup, affirmations and mantras) and most importantly, happiness through helping others and yourself.

Jump in and introduce yourself! Tell us your fitness and nutrition goals. We will cheer you on! Add anyone you want to this group. Get support and accountability here! We are a group of lifters to help you through your journeys. Life is hard and health and wellness is everything! Even though weight management is our focus. This group has a natural instinct to support you through life challenges. 

Join us and share this link with your friends.

No judgement here! We have people at all levels of fitness and nutrition. The goal is to be a healthier version of you. I lost over 100lbs by making myself accountable and having support. There are no short cuts when trying to be a healthier version of yourself.

Post your favorite healthy meal and/or exercise for the day. Cheer on the group and post pictures, videos, etc.

Join our free support pages on Facebook. Register for our free newsletter on gettingclosereveryday.com and if you need more individual help and guidance, then send us an email and we will connect with you. One step at a time gets you closer everyday! Also please share and like https://www.facebook.com/gettingclosereveryday/

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